The Jean Jaurès National Center and Museum

This institution aims to promote the Jean Jaurès works and activities, as well as to conduct research and works  on the fundamental ideas and themes of the 19th and 20th centuries.
 It was created by the City of Castres, who wished to enhance the value of the Jean Jaurès Museum created in 1949, and help know better this man who was a great thinker, an eloquent speaker, a journalist, a writer, a renown politician.

The Jean Jaurès National Center and Museum presents different aspects of Jean Jaurès . As an atypical politician, a great speaker addressing the  key  issues of his time, Jean Jaurès was often sketched and caricatured by the artists who were the protagonists of the Caricatures ' Golden Age (1880-1914).
 The museum also owns sculptures (E.Vincent,Nocca, Py), caricatures (Sirat, Leand, Dorville) and various illustrated newspapers depicting Jean Jaurès (le Rire, la Petite République, le Petit Journal).

It also hosts temporary exhibitions (free entry) on various themes related to the 1880-1914 period (economy, society, daily life, culture), on local artists, or on topical themes.

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